48V BMS and 60V BMS for Electric Vehicles

Battery Management Systems (BMS)

BMS for electric vehicles and energy storage applications. Smart battery management systems available with us with CAN 2.0 and RS485 communication. Custom BMS solutions available from 12V to 750V battery packs.

Electric Vehicle lithium charger

Lithium Battery Pack Charging Solutions

We offer NMC and LiFePo4 battery chargers for electric vehicles and energy storage applications. Custom battery chargers available from 12V 750V battery pack systems. Smart lithium charger with CAN 2.0 and RS485 also available with us.

NMC and LiFePo4 Battery Packs in Bengaluru

Lithium Battery Packs (Fully Customizable)

  • 48V And 60V Electric Bikes
  • 24V Electric Wheel Chair and Cycles
  • 72V ERickshaw and Electric Cars
  • 12V to 48V Drones and Robotics
  • Upto 750V AGV's and Industrial Machines


48V and 60V Lithium Battery Charger

NMC and LiFePo4 Charger (24V/36V/48V/60V/72V )

  • 24V 3A Battery NMC Charger
  • 36V 3A Battery LiFePo4 Charger
  • 48V and 60V 5A Ebike Charger
  • 72V 10A Ebike Charger
  • 48V -750V Custom Chargers
Energy storage and inverter LiFePo4 battery pack

Solar And Energy Storage Battery Packs

Lithium iron phosphate ( LiFePo4 ) battery packs available for UPS/Inverter and Energy storage applications.

  • 12V 100AH And Above
  • 24V 100AH And Above
  • 48V-440V Energy Storage Solutions
48V and 72V Custom Battery Pack for Electric Vehicles

Custom Lithium Battery Packs (NMC and LFP)

From 12V to 1000V battery packs can be customized as per your specificatios. We offer both NMC and LiFePo4 custom packs. These packs are not only limited to electric vehicle or solar energy storage. Reach us if you have any queries.