EV Battery Solutions building lithium battery pack for almost all type of electric vehicles. We are doing this from past two years and we help people to understand what are the advantages of our lithium battery packs over any other available in the market.


What are the advantages of Lithium ion battery pack ?

  1. High Energy Density
  2. Compact Size & Light Weight
  3. Very Low Self Discharge
  4. No Maintenance
  5. Longer cycle life
  6. Fast charging

These are the main points that we can consider but apart from this there is lot if we go in depth.


How long will our Lithium Battery Pack lasts ?

Our Li-ion battery packs are optimized for electric vehicles. The Cells, Battery Management System, Stacking process, charger etc.., are all properly tuned for EV usage. So any pack we provide, you can expect at least 5+ years of life until it die out of juice. And even after 5 year you can expect at least 30-40% efficiency.


What is the difference between EVBS Battery Pack Vs Other Supplier's Battery Pack ?

The EV Battery Solutions ( EVBS ) battery packs are all custom built. The BMS, Cells and the process we follow to build a pack is completely different from what others follow. You have to select a cell which is good for EV application. Using normal cells, making pack with poor quality circuit board will end up with very poor performance. Initial stage you can expect good performance but after 6 months or a year the efficiency won't be same. But with proper selection of cells and better BMS with packing, you can expect a life cycle of upto 1000-1600 which around 3-5 year and still it will work with at least 30% efficiency.


What is the procedure to place the order with EVBS ?

You can go to contact us at +91-7892357850 or mail us at bharath@evbatterysolutions.com


How long will it take to deliver the battery pack ?

The deliver time depends on battery pack size, order quantity, availability of material with us etc.., If it's a custom order then it will take minimum of 7 days time. But usually all our orders are delivered in 4-5 days if it's standard pack.