Our Story

EV Battery Solutions ( Bangalore, India ) is a lithium battery manufacturing company started in the year 2016. We started with building batteries for electric cycles, electric scooters and today we are supplying it to all type of electric vehicles. Also we are offering battery packs for AGV's, Robotics, Drones and Industrial Applications. Our team is specialized in designing the lithium battery packs.

We are one of the best lithium ion battery manufacturers in India for electric vehicles (Li-ion, NCM/NMC) . We are also one among the lithium iron phosphate ( LFP/LiFePo4 ) battery manufacturers India.

Electric car battery design solutions

Our Approach

We follow industry standard design and safety features to meet customer requirement. All products and services that we offer are  with guaranteed performance and efficiency.

The cells that we use in our battery packs are designed and optimized for EV application. We design Battery Management System as per your need and integrate it with the battery pack. This will increase the cycle life and perform well with maximum efficiency when compared to other lithium battery packs.

We Design Lithium ion Battery Packs For ?

We manufacture lithium battery packs for almost all type of Electric Vehicles available in India. Apart from that, we offer solutions to individual, students who are EV enthusiast and design custom EV's.

Presently our battery packs goes into:

  1. Electric Cycles
  2. Electric Bikes/Scooters
  3. Electric Cars
  4. E-Rikshaws
  5. Mini Electric Trucks
  6. Electric Automated Guided Vehicles
  7. Electric Gokart
  8. Custom Electric Vehicles 
  9. Drones Or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ( UAV's )

We design custom battery packs as per your requirement. We assist startups, DIY people in their electric vehicle prototype design.