Battery Management Systems

We offer BMS Solutions to all type of electric vehicles and energy storage solutions. We also make custom battery management systems voltage ranging from 12V - 540V.

Lithium ion battery charger

Lithium Battery Charger

We have both Lithium ion and lithium iron phosphate ( NMC & LiFePo4 ) battery smart chargers. The amp rating from 3Amps to 50Amps. Suitable for portable and onboard charging of EV's.

lithium battery in India

Lithium Battery Packs

We manufacture Li-ion/LiFePo4 battery packs for electric cycles, bikes, cars etc.., The voltage ranges from 12V to 540V. The battery packs has built in smart BMS with respective rated amps.


Lithium ion battery charger

Fast Charger for Lithium Ion Battery Packs

We offer 5Amp - 50Amp fast charger for lithium ion battery pack. This smart charger are programmed with CC-CV charge characteristics along with float charge option.

Lithium battery pack

High Discharge Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Li-ion battery packs for electric vehicles and energy storage applications.  We have high discharge cells with 1000+ deep cycles designed for EV applications.

electric bike battery pack

Custom Lithium Battery Packs

We also offer custom lithium ion battery packs as per your need. It can drones, electric cycles, bikes, cars, DIY projects etc..,