Unleash Your E-Ride: 24V & 36V Lithium Power for Every Adventure

Conquer the City Streets: Powerful 24V & 36V Battery Packs from EV Battery Solutions

Craving the thrill of silent speed on two wheels? EV Battery Solutions fuels your electric dreams with our industry-leading 24V and 36V lithium ion battery packs designed to power your e-bike or cycle to new heights.

  • Go the Distance: Experience extended range and optimal performance with our NMC and LFP chemistry packs, built with high-quality 18650 or 21700 cylindrical cells.
  • Choose Your Power: Whether you're cruising through city streets or tackling off-road trails, we offer the perfect voltage to match your needs. Find the ideal pack for your e-bike, electric cycle, or energy storage application.
  • Hailong/Downtube Sleekness: For e-cycles, our streamlined hailong/downtube battery case blends seamlessly with your ride, adding power without compromising aesthetics.
  • Unleash the Customizer: We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Need a specific voltage or cell configuration? Our custom-design services are here to bring your vision to life.
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Electrify Your Ride: EV Battery Solutions for Every E-Adventure (48V-72V)

Conquer Roads and Tracks: 48V-72V Powerhouse Battery Packs for Every Electric Ride

Ditch the fumes, embrace the thrill! EV Battery Solutions fuels your electric dreams with high-performance 48V, 60V, and 72V lithium battery packs designed for diverse EVs, from e-bikes and rickshaws to go-karts and electric cars.

  • E-Bike & E-Rickshaw Power: Conquer city streets and rural paths with our robust 48V and 60V packs for e-bikes and electric rickshaws. Choose between NMC and LFP chemistry for optimal performance and range.
  • High-Discharge 72V Systems: Unleash the beast! Our 72V high-discharge packs deliver explosive power for electric cars and go-karts, pushing the boundaries of speed and excitement.
  • Custom EV Solutions: Don't settle for cookie-cutter power. We design and build custom battery packs to your exact specifications, fueling any electric dream you can imagine.
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Unleash Your Inner Engineer: Custom Lithium Battery Solutions for Every Dream (12V - 1000V)

From E-Scooters to Drones: Build Your Electric Dream with EV Battery Solutions' Custom Packs

Forget cookie-cutter solutions, EV enthusiasts! EV Battery Solutions ignites your imagination with custom lithium battery packs crafted to your exact specifications, ranging from 12V to a mighty 1000V.

  • Imagine the Possibilities: Whether you're building a groundbreaking electric scooter, a sky-high drone, or a next-generation EV prototype, we bring your vision to life with high-performance, fully customizable battery packs.
  • Uncompromising Performance: Choose from NMC or LFP chemistry for optimal power, range, and longevity. We use only the highest-quality cells and components to ensure your pack delivers.
  • Smart Brains on Board: Every custom pack comes equipped with a smart Battery Management System (BMS), providing real-time monitoring, protection, and optimization for maximum performance and safety.
  • India's Custom Battery Powerhouse: As a leading battery manufacturer in India, we're proud to provide local expertise and support for your custom EV projects.
  • Bengaluru's Innovation Hub: We're passionate about the future of electric mobility, and our Bengaluru-based team is ready to collaborate with you on your next groundbreaking creation.
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Electric car battery design solutions

Ditch the Gas, Embrace the Future: Why Electric Vehicles Are the Way to Go!

Electric Vehicles: Powering a Cleaner, Greener Future with Lithium-Powered Performance

Leave the fumes and noise behind! Electric vehicles (EVs) are revolutionizing the way we travel, offering a sustainable, cost-effective, and exhilarating alternative to traditional gasoline-powered cars and bikes. But what are the real reasons to make the switch? Let's dive into the world of EVs and explore why they're the future of transportation.

  • Go Green, Breathe Easy: Ditch the tailpipe emissions and embrace cleaner air! EVs operate on lithium batteries, producing zero pollution during operation, contributing to a healthier planet and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Fuel Your Wallet, Not the Pump: Say goodbye to skyrocketing gas prices! EVs boast significantly lower running costs compared to petrol/diesel vehicles. Charge at home or public stations, and enjoy substantial savings on fuel expenses.
  • Lithium Powerhouse: Easy Maintenance, Maximum Performance: Lithium batteries are the heart of EVs, offering extended range, optimal performance, and minimal maintenance. No more frequent oil changes or engine repairs – just plug in and enjoy the ride.
  • The Science of Smart Power: Battery Management Systems (BMS) for Optimal Performance: Ensuring battery health and safety is crucial. EVs utilize sophisticated BMS technology, monitoring voltage, temperature, and charge levels for maximum efficiency and lifespan.
  • Beyond the Engine: A Symphony of Technology: EVs are more than just batteries. Each component, from the electric motor and controller to the charger, plays a vital role in delivering a smooth, responsive, and exhilarating driving experience.

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