24V/36V Battery Packs

We offer 24V & 36V lithium ion battery packs for electric cycles and energy storage applications. Also provide custom casing for it. The battery pack is built from grade A high discharge 18650 li-ion cells.

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48V/60V EV Battery Packs

48V and 60V battery packs are built from grade A high discharge 18650 lithium ion cells. This is specially designed for electric cycles, ebikes like Ampere, Hero Electric, Okinowa and other EV's

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Custom Battery Packs

We also offer custom battery packs as per customer requirement. The pack voltage of 12,24,36,48,60,72 and 96 are completely built from scratch. The cells, connection layout, wiring etc.., can be customized.

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Since 1993

Why Electric Vehicle ?

Electric vehicles are battery powered and there is no pollution when compared to your diesel or petrol vehicles. The cost of running an electric vehicle is very less.

Lithium batteries are used in most of the electric vehicles which makes it easy to maintain. There is no regular servicing is required for EV's.

The main components in a electric vehicle is Motor, Controller, Battery, Battery Management System and Charger. Other parts are secondary but they are important too.

lithium ion battery packs in india

Got a doubt ?

We are into design and manufacturing of lithium battery in India. For any queries related to electric vehicles or lithium ion battery packs, you can contact us. We will be happy to assist you! We prefer call or mail so please check out our contact us page for contact details.